Amit Chaturvedy

Global Head & Managing Partner | Menlo Park

Amit Chaturvedy is the Managing Partner & Global Head of SE Ventures, where he oversees the €1B global venture investments platform.

Investment Team

Varun Jain

General Partner | Menlo Park

Varun Jain is a founding General Partner of SE Ventures and a member of the Investment Committee.

Julien Cristiani

General Partner | France

Julien Cristiani is a General Partner of SE Ventures, head of Europe and Israel and a member of the Investment Committee.

Siddharth Mehta

Partner | India

Siddharth Mehta is a Partner of SE Ventures, head of India, APAC and the Middle East.

Brad Jones

Principal | Menlo Park

Brad is a Principal at SE Ventures. He focuses on finding and managing next-generation investments that advance the energy transition.

Arek Zarowski

Principal | Menlo Park

Arek Zarowski is a Principal at SE Ventures, focusing on early-stage investments in decarbonization and AI. In 2023, Arek was recognized as Forbes 30 u 30.

Jon Hennessy

Principal | Menlo Park

Jon Hennessy is a Principal at SE Ventures. He focuses on partnering with startups that are applying emerging digital technologies to disrupt the industrial, digital energy, and prosumer sectors. Jon supports Plotlogic, Ostrom, UnitX and Banyan Infrastructure.

Maya Lusk

Senior Associate | Menlo Park

Maya Lusk is a Senior Associate at SE Ventures, focusing on finding next-generation technology solutions to advance the energy transition and sustainability in the built environment.

Amit Peri

Senior Associate | Israel

Amit Peri is a Senior Associate at SE Ventures. He focuses on managing and expanding investments across Israel and Europe’s startup ecosystem.

Operating Partners

Luc Meysenc

Operating Partner | France

Luc Meysenc is an Operating Partner at SE Ventures, focusing on the new energy landscape, especially the digitization of electrical distribution and sustainability challenges.

Stephan Prueger

Operating Partner | Austin

Stephan Prueger is an Operating Partner at SE Ventures, focused on accelerating innovative companies in the Prosumer and Digital Energy space.

Pierre Buerkle

Operating Partner | Germany

Pierre Buerkle is an Operating Partner at SE Ventures. Pierre represents Schneider as a board member of the VDMA Electrical Automation in Germany.

James McGill

Operating Partner | Houston

James McGill is the Operating Partner at SE Ventures focused on accelerating innovative software and digital companies.


Gregoire Viasnoff

Head of Incubation | Menlo Park

Gregoire Viasnoff is the head of our incubation practice that turns ideas into scalable and independent ventures.

Deepak Bhandary

Business Incubation Partner | Boston

Deepak Bhandary is a Senior Incubation Partner at SE Ventures.

Mariette Oudin

Business Incubation Leader | France

Mariette Oudin is a Business Incubation Leader at SE Ventures, where she focuses on launching disruptive business initiatives.

Yu Siang Chieng

Business Incubation Project Manager | Singapore

Platform Team

Nicole Litvak

Head of Operations | Menlo Park

Nicole Litvak is the Head of Operations for SE Ventures, working with the investment and operating teams.

Kara Alter

Head of Marketing | Menlo Park

Kara Alter is the Head of Marketing for SE Ventures, leading brand strategy, marketing, and community, as well as supporting the portfolio companies with co-marketing opportunities.

Caroline Wells

Head of Legal | Menlo Park

Caroline Wells is the Head of Legal for SE Ventures, where she manages all aspects of the fund's legal operations, provides strategic counsel to the investment team.

Grace Ao

Head of HR | Menlo Park

Grace Ao is the HR leader for the SE Ventures team. She partners with the SE Venture leadership on talent strategy development and execution.

Scott harden

Scott Harden

CTO | Boston

Scott Harden is the CTO of SE Ventures, focused on future growth investments and initiatives.


Linda John

Head of Finance | Boston

Linda John serves as the Head of Finance for SE Ventures, overseeing financial deal diligence, fund reporting, valuations, and finance operations.

Eva Cabico

Executive Assistant | Menlo Park

Eva Cabico is an Executive Assistant for SE Ventures supporting Amit Chaturvedy, Managing Partner, General Partner, and Varun Jain, General Partner.

Erin Minjares

Executive Assistant | Menlo Park

Erin Minjares is an Executive Assistant for SE Ventures supporting Gregoire Viasnoff, VP of Business Incubation, Deepak Bhandary, Senior Incubation Partner.