Founders choosing to partner with SE Ventures get privileged access to a global leader's domain expertise and customer base in energy management and automation. With over $1 billion in committed capital, SE Ventures is structured and incentivized like a traditional venture capital firm with a remit to deliver exceptional value and strategic assistance far beyond the norm.
Forging strong strategic partnerships with large incumbents and OEMs unlocks robust pathways to growth for industrial, energy, and sustainability startups. As you seek technical validation, product-market fit, early commercialization, and scale-up support, Schneider Electric is an unmatched partner. Its experts, insights, and brands will be on your side, providing unmatched opportunities.

Corporate collaboration done right

Capital is a commodity. Investors who add genuine value are rare. SE Ventures goes beyond funding to offer insights and advantages from three distinct yet collaborative teams: Investments, Operating Partners, and Incubation. These experienced, global groups deliver differentiated value and help our founders establish deep commercial connections with Schneider Electric.

Investment Team

With over 40 years of combined venture investment experience, we blend the decision making speed, autonomy, and pattern recognition of traditional VCs with our deep industry insights in climate technology and industrial automation to pick startups.
With the potential to disrupt large markets. We’re known leaders in our spaces with the connections and insights to match and a demonstrated track record of a number of early, profitable exits and a host of emerging category winners in the Fund I portfolio.

Operating Partners

The dedicated business development resources in our Operating Partners team are Schneider Electric insiders who know the company intimately and can open doors that may otherwise remain closed to a typical startup. Each portfolio company has a dedicated Operating Partner relationship identified at the time of investment.
They act as change agents, working tirelessly to set up meetings and demos with the key decision-makers across Schneider Electric and activating opportunities to maximize commercial growth. They are also trusted advisors that can give crucial and honest feedback to early-stage startups learning to navigate their partner and channel ecosystem.


Our incubation team transforms ideas into independent, venture-backable businesses. This dedicated team utilizes a streamlined process of ideation, qualification, and solution definition to get ideas off the ground with a clear vision of customer voice, market opportunity, and fast path to a minimum viable product (MVP).
With the help of thousands of salespeople, technical experts, and customers – along with the unique assets of Schneider Electric – getting from zero to one in the energy and industrial spaces has never been so fast.